My first bike-out

Thoughts after my first bike ride.  I’m not able to go anywhere near as far as I thought I would be able to, and … it hurts!  The seat hurts, my legs burn, and the posture just isn’t any fun.  I think I’ll take more care to stretch before my next bike.  I didn’t do any today.  I’ve read that I’ll get used to the seat – that I’ll create callouses.  Boy, I can’t wait for that!  I’m also pretty slow.  3 miles in just over 15 minutes?  People RUN faster than that! Ha. 

I did get passed by another biker.  I was encouraged – his bike had aero bars on it, so assumed that he is a triathlete.  It was a mountain bike, so I could be wrong.  But it was nice thinking someone else was out for the same reason as me.

I was able to adapt to the toe clips pretty easily.  I thought that it would be more awkward, but they were okay.  Trying to remember to pull up with my legs was interesting.  I think I was doing it.

Well.  Now I’ve begun training in all three sports.  My weight is … approximately the same, up a little.  I’m not too worried about that.  I had a bad week.  Having a hurt ankle prevented me from exercising, and moving has prevented us from eating home cooked meals until last night – which meant we were eating out every night.  Not healthy.

This next week is looking pretty good.  I’m going to start rotating my exercises – Swim, Bike, Run, repeat.  Yay!

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