Back To It

Well, today was my first workout since last Tuesday – a week and two days.  I don’t feel like I was slacking – there were storms, then we moved a bunch of stuff all weekend and on Monday and Tuesday.  The moving stuff counted as exercise, I think.  It definitely worked me.  Yesterday I didn’t do anything because … well, because I needed a rest.  And it was good.  But today was the first structured workout in over a week.  I’m happy with it.  It was a little short, but I worked hard, and the sprint triathlons’ swim distances are usually between a quarter and a half mile.  So now I’m back to it.  Tomorrow: Bike.

8/31/06 Workout – Swim

I swam today, my first workout in over a week.  Good one, too.  I swam a half mile all at once, no breaks.  took me 20 minutes and 20 seconds, which is my fastest half mile so far.  Unfortunately, I pushed myself a tad too far.  I was going to try to go a full mile today, but after pushing hard for the first half mile I couldn’t go on.  I tried doing a warm-down 1/4 mile with extra pushes off the side of the pool, but after doing 100 yards I just couldn’t continue.  So I did a float-on-my-back lap as a final cool down and left.