Ankle’s away!

Well, the injury seems to be getting better, at least.  I thought about working out this morning, but I figured I’d give it one more day’s rest.  I have acquired a few new items, though.  The most exciting is that I have been loaned a bike by my good friend Jason.  He showed me how to work it (I thought I knew how bikes worked, but apparently things have changed since my … erm … BMX days :) ), and I got it home last night.  I was excited to go this morning, but my wife convinced me to give my ankle one more day.  I’m not limping any more, but it does start to hurt if I stand on it for too long.  The other acquisition is a pair of triathlon shorts.  I bought them online, so I’m not sure of the fit, but the price was right, the product seems to be good quality, and according to the sizing charts, they SAY they’ll fit!

Well, either way, I am planning on going for a ride tomorrow morning.  It will be my first, and I’m excited.