8/10/06 & 8/11/06 Workouts – Swim & Bike

It’s been a few days since these workouts, so I don’t remember specifics.  The swim was the usual 3.4 mile swim, with breaks at each quarter mile.  The new stroke is coming along – not as hard as the fist time.  The bike was better – I have a helmet & tri shorts now, so I feel safer and the shorts really feel … great.  I just hope too many people don’t look my direction! If you do, here’s your apology.  Maybe the sight will look better next year. :)  The biking went better – I went 5 miles without a break.  5 – 6 minute mile for the first 4 miles, then I pushed it for the last mile and did that one in 4 minutes.  I figured out how to pace myself on the bike!   Haha.  Never thought that that would be something that I had a hard time with.