7/26/06 Workout – Run

Walked / Jogged this morning for about 30 minutes. It was tough, but easier than I was expecting. I went a total of 2 miles, and I jogged most of it. At least 1.5 miles. I didn’t think I could jog tht far, but apparently the swimming has built up enough cardio endourance that I can handle it.

I walked the first ~.2 mile, then jogged for ~.8 mile. My heartrate was approximately 168. Then I walked turned around, and walked at least another .1 mile. Checked my heartrate, and it was around 140. Started jogging again, and jogged all the way home(no, I did not go “wee wee wee all the way home,” nor am I a little piggy. I am a big piggy.).My heartrate was up to 188 when I got to my driveway. I pushed it a little too hard at the end, I think, but it sure was nice to know I could do it!

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