Weight … that doesn’t make sense!

I weighed in today, and I’ve gone up 1.5 pounds, and according to my fat analyzer, have gained a half pound of fat. So, with exercising every day this week, I’ve gained weight. It hasn’t been strength training, either. I should be losing. I did eat like crap this week. Well, that’s the next to change! Eat healthier, keep exercising. I look forward to running next week. Perhaps I’ll get in my first bike ride, too.

7/28/06 Workout – Swim

I swam again today because the pool is closed next week.

My swim this morning consisted of three quarter-mile segments.  I swam 18 laps, then rested for two to three minutes, then went again.  Each time I finished a quarter mile my heartrate was at about 160.  By the time I started the next quarter mile it was down to 124.  Good swim, with each quarter mile taking me approximately 11 minutes to complete.