7/27/06 Workout – Swim

This morning’s swim was good.  I started by swimming 6 laps at a time without resting.  After the 1st quarter mile I checked my heartrate.  Itwas approximately 160.  I thought I might be able to go more, so I thought I’d try for 8 laps on the next quarter mile. I swam 8, and thought, “Wow.  I can do more. Maybe I’ll try for 10″ in the middle of the 8th lap.  So I swam to 10, and thought I could do even more.  I decided to see if I could make it the full 18 laps, 450 yards, ~1/4 mile.  I made it!  When I checked my heartrate, it was again approximately 160.  Apparently I’ve found a good rate of swimming.  I then did my final 1/4 mile all at once.  It was great.  I feel like my body is remembering how to be active.  My time for the 1/4 mile was 11:07 and 11:20.

Good swim!

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