Getting Closer

It has again been too long since I’ve updated this blog.  I have been dutifully riding my bike and running, and it’s been great! I just rode my longest and fastest ride this morning – about 20 miles, at about 16 miles per hour.  Pretty cool.  My legs are letting me know about it, too.

Last week I rode home from work.  16 miles, at 15.5 mph.  That was nice.  It was scary riding in traffic, but most of my route had bike lanes.  I almost fell for the first time, at an intersection.  I was slowing to a stop, unclipped my left foot, and decided to let my momentum take me a bit further.  Well, I went a bit further, but then started leaning to the right.  It was too far to the right, and I knew I couldn’t get going back the other way, so I frantically clipped my right foot out.  It didn’t want to at first, but I got it out, and saved myself from a fall.  Whew!

I’ve been thinking, and I realized that I haven’t posted a picture on here yet.  So I’ll give you a picture.  One of me and my bike, on the first day I took it outside.

Me and My Bike

So there I am, in my Shamrock Shuffle shirt, ready to ride.  It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful ride.

Okay.  About the triathlon.  It’s getting closer.  July 15th.  I haven’t registered yet – that will be in a couple weeks.  But next week I’m going to start following a six week training schedule that is in Eric Harr’s book Triathlon Training in Four Hours a Week.  I can’t wait.  It’s almost here.

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