10/31/06 Workout – run

I ran today.  Not as far as previously, but at least I got out.  I jogged for 14 minutes, and walked for 14 minutes.  Not exactly like that – intermittently.  I jogged a mile in 11 minutes, which I think is faster than before, but I couldn’t go much further than that.  I jogged / walked a total of two miles.  Not bad.  Nice to get out again.

Stuff to say.

So, I got made fun of for not updating this blog often enough.  Well, here’s a post.  I haven’t been working out because … I’m lazy, I guess.  Excuses breed more excuses.  However, I worked out this morning, and I plan to get back on track now. 

The Weight Watchers program is working!  I’m now at 300 pounds.  In January I was 327.  Pretty cool.  I was disappointed today when I wasn’t under 300, but I lost 2 pounds this week.  That’s par.

Also, I’m trying to figure out a way to get a meebo me widget to actually display on one of these pages.  I don’t have access to the source code for the blog (it look prettier that way), so I can only play with the administration tools that it gives me.  In the meantime, there’s an ugly link in the new “Contact” page that will bring up a meebo console, in case you want to chat with me.  I’m usually on during the day.

Well, there’s your update.  I’m lighter, and getting back to workouts.  And you can chat with me. 

Happy Halloween!

10/30/06 Workout – Swim

I swam today, again, finally.  I went 1 mile, no stopping (except for the time it takes to turn around).  I did it in 43:33.  My heartrate afterwards was at 164.  I felt awesome.  It was great.  Now, my mission: keep on going.  It’s lighter in the mornings now, so perhaps I’ll try some more running / biking.  Yee haw! 

10/10/06 Workout – Swim

So, I finally did it. I got up early and worked out. Yay. This morning’s swim was good. I did 1 mile total, in less time than I did in last time: 41:16.

Back on track. Next Workout: Swim, again. It’s too dark in the mornings right now to do anything else. Next Swim time: tomorrow. :)

A Month?

So, it’s been a month … and I haven’t exercised … once.  Lots of excuses, none of them matter.  I’ll be swimming tomorrow morning.  No more excuses.  Just do it.

In good news, my workplace is sponsoring Weight Watchers meetings at the office, and after our first week, I’ve lost 9 pounds!  That’s awesome!  Imagine if I added in my exercising!  Wahoo!

Here I go again – don’t let me stop for this long again!