Obstacles & Spending

I was slated to run this morning, but I rolled my ankle (again) last week, and it’s been hurting more recently.  So I decided to swim this morning.  Last night, though, we were remodeling the basement (tearing out wood), and I punctured m y arm with a nail.  It didn’t hurt that much, but this morning it had not healed all the way.  Still oozing, so I couldn’t swim.  So I biked. :)

Apparently there are a few items I still need to get.  I’m trying to start saving for a bike, but these things will help now.

  1. Slicks for the bike.  The knobbies have got to go!
  2. Water bottle holder for the bike.  With the rides getting longer, I’m going to need to bring water with me.
  3. A heart rate monitor.  It seems I read or hear everywhere how beneficial these can be for exercising effectively.  Last week alone I heard from 2 different people how great they are (bike shop guy & Mom!).

So, more money to be spent. :(  Ah well.  Then it’s on to Bike saving!

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