Upcoming events

So, I have not yet registered for the Shamrock Shuffle.  SBC Coaching is having an informational meeting about their training program tonight.  I’m planning on going to that, and seeing if it’s something I want to take advantage of.  I’m also going to call a local gym and inquire about a short month-to-month membership.  More information to come!

01/23/07 Workout – Bike

Rode for another hour today.  It was hard.  The first half hour was okay, but not the greatest.  The last half hour was hard.  The last 15 minutes was real hard.  Overall, though, the workout wasn’t tougher than normal.  It must just be a bad day.  Average heart rate 150, max 186.  Going to start running soon.  Ooh boy.

Irish Running

So, I’ve half committed to a 5k run in March. I’m going to fully commit on Monday, I believe. It’s the Shamrock Shuffle, a 2 mile walk/ 5k run/ 10k run here in Madison. I have no way to train for it right now (-2 is not fun to run in, nor is it fun to run on snow), so I think I’ll be taking advantage of their training course for $59. Seems like a good deal, and I imagine it involves treadmills. I hope it does.

Weight Changes & Possible Triathlons

Okay.  Have you checked out my SkinnyR graph lately?  I’ve lost over 40 pounds since starting it!  I feel great, and I love not fitting into my clothes – because they’re too big!  It’s amazing.  I never thought I’d like not fitting into my clothes – but that was because I’ve never been too small for them!  I’m currently at 278.8 and losing.  In January of ’06 I weighed the most I ever have – 327.  So, I’ve lost a total of 48.2 pounds.  Most of it is due to Weight Watchers.  Thank you, eflexgroup, for providing this benefit!  It’s awesome working for a company that does things like this for its employees. 

After speaking with my uncle, I think I have decided on a triathlon.  It’s in Pewaukee, WI on July 15th.  It consists of a 1/4 mile swim (I can do that!), 15 mile bike ride (I might be able to do that!), and a 5k / 3.1 mile run (can’t do that yet!).  All pretty short distances, and I’m excited for it.  The event’s web site is here.

I also received a Polar heart rate monitor for Christmas (awesome), and my plan is to start looking and put a used bike on layaway in the next couple months.  That should be fun and exciting. 

Well, I’ve got some direction now.  Now all I need to do is ramp up the training again.  Swimming & running have been neglected this last month.  We’ll see how I can get back to those.  Swimming should be pretty easy.  Running … in the cold … brrrrr!  I’m not so sure about.  Perhaps I can do it. :)

01/02 & 01/09/07 Workouts – Bike

I rode on a trainer again, only now I have a heart rate monitor to measure how I’m doing!  on 1/2, I rode for about 50 minutes, with an average heart rate of 163.  That’s right about 80% of my recommended maximum.  Perfect.  Today I rode for 60 minutes, with an average heart rate of 160 and a max heart rate of 190.  Pretty cool.  My legs are tired, but I feel good.