8/8/06 Workout – Bike

Biking went … well … today.  Definitely better than the first time.  Jason told me that my pace of roughly 5 minutes per mile on a mountain bike isn’t bad at all, so I’m not as disappointed with my first bike outing.  This time I went 4 miles, with 1 rest in the middle.  I did roughly 5 minute miles again.  My heartrate at the beginning of the rest was around 160, and I headed back out when I calmed down to about 130.

It was a nice ride, and I figured something out.  My distance is limited, it seems, because I have a hard time regulating my speed.  I always want to go faster, and that takes more energy than picking a speed and staying with it.  Maybe I’ll get better at regulating myself and I’ll be able to go further next time.

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